Saturday, June 26, 2010

The DBZ Principal Is In Effect

Okay guys. I haven't really rambled about this here at Rook takes Queen yet, so I'd better get the score settled on something.I am fully, 100% convinced that the real villain in Bleach is Aizen's mullet, and that this manga is actually all about hair. Kind of like "Bobobobobobobobobobobobobobobo" or whatever the hell you want to call that, except with less of a chance of stabbing yourself while reading it. I mean just look at Aizen, for each stage of his villany, he's gotten a progressivly smarmier mullet.

This week I just about had a heart attack because it seems to have gotten longer, which only means the evil destructive force of his mullet is becoming more powerful. But then my freind Gonsai pointed something out that I'm just going to laugh about forever...

Evil demon overlord by day, fabulous male supermodel by night. It all makes sense now. He is using his undercover work as Fabio to win public appeal so no one will care when he takes over the world and kills them all. Aizen, you clever bastard. Even Gin seems concerned lately. Fortunately we have a means to combat Aizen's diabolical mullet in the form of Shinji's bowl cut and Ichigo's rocker mullet.

The point is, it seems like every time a major character has a dramatic shift in power, their ridiculous haircut changes to an entirely different ridiculous haircut. I wouldn't be surprised if Rukia came home from Hueco Mundo with bankai and longer hair.

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