Saturday, June 12, 2010

Catching up on Pokemon news.

Okay, so while I let this blog idle, more and more new information about the two new versions of pokemon, Black and White, have been surfacing. I wasn't really interested at first, since it was all about the new mechanics and changes to the basic structure of the game. I didn't really care about any of that. Pokemon is pokemon is pokemon, y'know? But with some of the recent reveals, I've gotten a little more excited about the upcoming 5th generation of the franchise. So I'm going to start with the newer information and work my way back, beginning with what I am most excited about...


I am pretty psyched by this. This is the first time we've had a female professor, and she's pretty young, and she is GORGEOUS. The name that's been released is Professor Araragi. Who knows what we'll get in the way of a tree-themed American name for her. But she looks like she's energetic and ridiculous, and that her wackyness can be chalked up to being into CRAAAAZY SCIENCE instead of being old.

There's also been a handful of fresh new Gen V pokemon released and I have a variety of opinions on them all...

So first is "chiramii", the chinchilla pokemon. A normal type. It. Is. Adorable. I've loved chinchillas for a long time, since my best friend has raised several, and I'm glad to finally see a chinchilla pokemon in the lineup. If it eveolves, I hope it stays adorable.

To the right is "shimama", which is some kind of electric zebra. Awesome. Awesome. I hope it evolves into an even more badass electric zebra. If my party wasn't already electric saturated, I'd probably take him in. I may raise one anyway if he's common enough. Especially if he evolves into something awesome. i'm thinking kind of an electric Rapidash since he's rather ponyta-like.

And on the bottom is "meguroko", a dark-ground gator pokemon. He's also adorable. I'll lprobably catch one and just have it sit around since I don't keep ground types around, but he's still pretty cute. He's classified as a "desert crocodile", so I'm wondering what sort of area you'll end up having to go to in order to find him. That should be some fun news.

Now onto the group that I'm on the fence about...

First is "hihidaruma", the "blaze pokemon", obviously a fire type. I am assuming that since 'daruma' is in his name, and by his eyes, that he is based on daruma dolls. I adore darumas. And he looks like he'd be a second stage pokemon, which makes me hope that he evolves from a little rolly fire-breathign daruma. Because if he does, I will bring that thing into my party and never let it evolve because oh god that would be so cute. I have such a soft spot for darumas.

To the right is "munna", a psychic type... pig... thing. If it evolves into something kind of pretty, I can legitimize this, but otherwise I'm just not really into it. It's a pretty bland design and there's nothing really interesting or special about it. It's jsut a pink pig-shaped thing with some flowers on it's butt. I guess we'll see.

And then there is "mamepato", the baby pidgeon pokemon. It's your standard normal-flying type that we get every gen to replace pidgey. It's pretty cute even though It's basically a slightly altered starly. But he serves his purpose and maybe he'll have some cool variations in his evolutions.

And then there was this...

"Giaru". The gear pokemon. Steel type. The poor man's alt-type magnimite. and as it is, I hate magnimite. Though aside from diglett, I've never been fond of any of the "clump" pokemon. Let's sut move on before I get frustrated...

So here we have Reishiram (left) and Zekrom (right), Black and White's legendary pair. They're both dragon types, with Reishirom's secondary beign fire, and Zekrom's secondary being elecrtic. I'm glad to see the "big" legendaries (the version mascots, and larger bodied ones) going back to looking more organic. The past couple of generations, they've been looking a little robotic or mechanized for my taste. Not to say there weren't some I liked, but it's a direction that I'm glad this version took.

I'm a bit more partial to Reishiram, since I think he looks like (as I once described it) "Lugia after getting stuck inside a pillow", but I also do like Zekrom, and I think they're an interesting and very balanced pair. Though that should come as no surprise since they are the Yin and Yan pokemon.

Now it's time for me to get into stuff you already know about...

Like the Gen V starters. Tsutarja, the grass type, Pokabu, the fire type, and Mijumaru, the water type. I'm pretty okay with all of them, but like most people my preference is Tsutarja, or as the itnernet has come to call him, "Smugleaf". And if Nintendo doens't name him that officially, we will all be sorely disappointed, and will all just nickname him that anyway. It's how the fandom works. They should know that by now.

My real problem with Pokabu is that I could see his evolutions being HIDEOUS and that just doesn't fly with me, especially for a fire-type starter. Fire starters are supposed to be badass. Water starters are supposed to end up hideous.Grass types kind of come and go in whatever direction they want in their final stages. But I predict Tsutaraja turning into a badass.

Mijumaru is cute, and he'll probably turn into something pretty neat looking, but Tsutarja just has the best look, so he kind of turned me away from the little beaver-otter or whatever it is. It's still cute though. I don't care what anyone says.

And then we have the new player characters, Black, the male, and White, the female. I'm pretty indifferent to Black, since I'm a chick and rarely use them (though I used him in SoulSilver, but I covered my reasons for that already). But I am in love with White. It looks like the 80's threw up all over her. Which is kind of hilarious and great. Black seems fairly standard as far as the male protagonists go, but I'm curious to see how he fares in the way of personality.

Our player characters are a bit older this time, though I'm not sure by how much. And we have a new, once again wrist-mounted trainer tool, which I like. Even the pokedex got a hefty redesign:

Nintendo has said that Black and White are going to take the series in a very new direction, and a lot of the information that's surfaced has really pointed in that direction. I'm eagar to see where this new direction takes the franchise, and I hope it's somewhere good.

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