Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet "Team Awesome".

Out of the gate, I want to apologize for the bad quality of the photos in this entry. My only camera is my cell phone and it's really not the best one in the world, especially since my living room is poorly lit.

So I hung out with Suri for a while today and he gave me my Christmas gifts early. He gave me the entire first series of the "Warriors" saga by a group of authors collectively known as Erin Hunter. I'm a huge fan of these books and the related comics that Tokyopop is publishing. The box set of books served as a base for most of these pictures!

He also got me an Iron Fist figure and gave me a gundam (lovingly named "Bro-Gundam") that I always play with when I go to his house. I don't think either of us know which series this Gundam is from, but I love this little dude.

I've wanted to get an Iron Fist for a while to take pictures of him with my Yotsuba figure (which Suri gave me around Halloween), and that's most of the reason Suri got him for me. (Though there's also the fact that Danny is one of my favorite Marvel characters.) He's not nearly to proper scale with Yotsuba but I still think it's hilarious and adorable to have the two of them next to each other.

Playing with them all this evening was a lot of fun. Most of my figures are still packed up in my basement from after my move back from college last May, so I haven't had many out or taken any pictures with them in months. And these three, Danny especially, have so much articulation that I could really try a couple different things.

I don't have too many articulated figures. I have nothing against it, it's mostly just because there are so few that I've really wanted. But they make for some really fun pictures when you can mess around with poses and positions and accessories. Danny's got some hand-flames and Bro-Gundam has a small variety of weapons. Yotsuba also has a few accessories, but they're in her box and I didn't pull them out for these picutres.

I'd love a better camera. Hopefully I'll have some money to pick one up eventually so I can take pictures that aren't crazy blurry. They all stand up pretty well though. My mother's moved the coffee table that they're all standing on a few times and no one's fallen.

I'm looking forward to new figures in the future and setting up some amusing scenarios to take pictures of!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Potential Cosplay - Sode no Shirayuki

So, as of late I've been thinking more and more about doing a new cosplay. Now, all of my past cosplays (photos of which are available on my profile) have had one thing in common -- They've all been male characters.

I am really good at cosplaying young boys.

Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against girls cosplay girls. Really, I think that girls are the only ones who should cosplay girls. I have never once seen a male-as-female crossplayer that hasn't traumatized me. but I've never found a female character that I've really wanted to cosplay. Until now that is...

In the past here, I've mentioned my fondness for Sode no Shirayuki. Well I've decided to take a stab (ahaha sword pun) at cosplaying her. I've spent the evening looking at wigs, and I've found a few that look pretty good. Suri apparently found a costume so I'm gonna take a look at that next time I talk to him. I also found one on Cosplay Magic, but it's a lot more expensive and I don't really like the look of it.

So I'll keep ya'll posted on this as more comes of it. Right now it's sort of just in the planning stages.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another post about video games.

So. I've played a little more Wind Waker, and I have one question.

When will this game start being fun? 

I'm on the Rito's island now, trying to get up to the crazy dragon so it will stop rampaging. Except I am charged with the impossible task of throwing a bomb halfway across a pool of lava into a jar. I spent about three hours on this task last night and continued to fail.

This frustration aside, I've realized that the Rito aren't really all that bright. Several of the Rito people spoke of how their spring dried up. So, I blew up the rock that was clogging it. And then... All of them still talked about it being dried up. Including one standing on a balcony overlooking the spring. I've taken a coding class. I know it's not hard to have dialog changed after an event. I'd be satisfied with even a "HO'SHIT THERE'S WATER AGAIN!"

Then again, if this spring, which is being filled with ash, thanks to being inside of a volcano, is their primary source of water, I suppose I can understand why they are not really that bright. And also jerks.

The better part of today has belonged to Pokemon Trozei. Suri passed it off to me a while ago because he didn't want it. When I took it, I didn't know what I was getting into. You see, I have a problem. When I play a puzzle game, I get pretty hooked on it. I will play it for hours straight, weeks at a time. I don't LIKE playing puzzle games. They frustrate me because they are pretty high maintenance. If you lose focus for just a second you're totally screwed.

I made it through the first round of the adventure mode and am currently on some kind of secret hard mode. I am impressed that there's some kind of logical reason for rescuing a bunch of pokemon to be in the form of a puzzle game. That was pretty clever, even though I can't remember what it is.

The Bleach filler seems to be winding down. We've gotten to the big boss and the evil plan and all that nonsense. I've got a lot to say about it, so when it's done I guess I'll marathon it and write a post about it.

I'm getting a new laptop in the near future, so with wireless internet in my grasp again, I'll be slightly more mobile in my otakudom. I'm gonna go back and look over some things I've checked out recently and hopefully get posts for them up soon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Late To The Party - Wind Waker Edition

So, a million years after everyone else, I am finally playing Wind Waker on Gamcube. Not that I bought a game cube more than like a year ago. >__> I just never bothered. But I was sick today, and broke out the copy of Wind Waker I borrowed from Suri two months ago and decided to play a little.

I haven't gotten far. I'm in the stupid bird fortress, getting arrested left and right by pigs and being unable to properly swing from lamps. I'm also not having fun with the camera controls because they are a right pain in the ass and do not always do what I want. All the while, Tetra is screaming at me through a magic rock and it is really not helpful. It's like a less annoying but not nearly as useful Navi.

But I've been having fun running around under barrels, enjoying the visuals of the game, and anticipating everyones Wind Waker jokes finally making sense.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pokemon - Old Memories & New Excitement

I was in fifth grade when Pokemon first came out. I saved up for weeks for the $25-ish that the game cost. (I didn't get an allowance as a kid. I have no idea how I did this.) I got Pokemon Blue at first. I started with Charmander I think, because I wanted to be a badass and Charmander was supposedly the hardest to start with. None the less, I was hooked right away.

I was part of the in crowd as far as pokemon went, back when it was at the very height of it's popularity. I had Blue, Red, and Yellow (again, with a lack of an allowance, I don't have the slightest idea how this happened), had Pokemon Pinball, and Stadium, played the TCG, watched the anime religiously, and even had one of those pocket pikachu things.

I would kill to have one of these again.

And just like any other pokemon fan at the time, I was totally stoked over the release of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. My dad got me both for christmas that year, because he's pretty much the greatest dad ever. I pretty much abandoned Gold in favor of Silver, because I had (and still have) a crush on Lugia.

After that, I stopped buying the games. I ended up being a little bit of a purist and was a little frustrated by the Generation 3 pokemon for some reason I really can't explain. Pokemon took a back seat to other interests until 2007 when I heard news of a Mew giveaway to celebrate the American release of the 9th or so movie, "Lucario & The Mystery of Mew". It was only available to the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald versions. Suri offered me a copy of one of his, and thus I ended up with my own copy of Pokemon Ruby.

Let me say, I was not impressed. I mean yeah, graphics and all had vastly improved, but it just was nothing compared to Gold and Silver. I still have the game somewhere, with like 5 totally legitimate Mews on it, but I can't find the thing for the life of me.

I picked up Pokemon Diamond when it came out, and got Pokemon Pearl for Suri. A year later, when Platinum came out, Suri got it for me for my birthday. They were all fun, even if Platinum didn't have nearly as much nuclear winter as anticipated, but still, I missed Gold and Silver.

But then the rumors started to fly. Generation 4 would have remakes of Generation 2, just like Generation 3 did for Generation 1. Nothing was ever confirmed, so I just ignored it and was annoyed that they even tried to get my hopes up.

Then back in December '08, it was confirmed. HeartGold and SoulSilver were happening. I was stoked. I've been watching release information like a hawk, marveling at the updated graphics, the additions and restorations. I made the happiest noise imaginable at the prospect of my beloved raichu, Amphy, being able to follow me on my journey. I've proclaimed more than once that these games will likely be perfect and they will never need to make another one.

It's a Christmas miracle.

And just yesterday we got a North American release date. March 14, 2010, just five days after my birthday, HG/SS is going to arrive in the states. I've been keeping myself excited by raising my team in Platinum and looking at Lugia merchandise that I can't afford because at the moment I'm broke. 

But hopefully I won't have to scrimp and save every penny like I did back when I bought Blue Version back in the fifth grade. Oh the advantages of have a boyfriend and a release date close to my birthday.