Monday, December 14, 2009

Late To The Party - Wind Waker Edition

So, a million years after everyone else, I am finally playing Wind Waker on Gamcube. Not that I bought a game cube more than like a year ago. >__> I just never bothered. But I was sick today, and broke out the copy of Wind Waker I borrowed from Suri two months ago and decided to play a little.

I haven't gotten far. I'm in the stupid bird fortress, getting arrested left and right by pigs and being unable to properly swing from lamps. I'm also not having fun with the camera controls because they are a right pain in the ass and do not always do what I want. All the while, Tetra is screaming at me through a magic rock and it is really not helpful. It's like a less annoying but not nearly as useful Navi.

But I've been having fun running around under barrels, enjoying the visuals of the game, and anticipating everyones Wind Waker jokes finally making sense.

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