Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Pokemon Gen V News -- New Pokemon!

Two posts in one day? That's right kids. Because we've got BREAKING NEWS.

Three days ago we had a bout of nerd rage when someone posted a fake evolution for Lucario done in the silhouette of the new Gen 5 pokemon. Well today we've gotten the actual image of this pokemon.

Zoroark (left), the "monster fox" pokemon is the silhouette that appeared on Pokemon Sunday. It evolves from Zorua (right), the "evil fox" pokemon. Zoroark is going to be the central figure of the next Pokemon movie.

Both Bulbanews and have info on these new pokemon so, this time, they are totally legit.

I'm still pretty surprised Gen V came around so quickly. We just barely got done with Gen IV. Even going by Japanese releases, it'll be a year-ish? Let's just take a look at the time between generations. (Last game of gen to first game of next gen. Not counting side games.)

Gen I (Sept '98) --> Gen II (Nov '99) - Okay a little over a year. That's not too bad.

Gen II (Dec '00) --> Gen III (Nov '02) - Two years. Getting some time here.

Gen III (Sept '04) --> Gen IV (Sept '06) - Again, two years.
(Dates from Bulbapedia's list of release dates.)

But god, Gen III went on for a full 2 years when the previous 2 only went on for a year. Though Gen III also introduced the remakes, so it would make sense it went on longer. Though it's got nothing on Gen IV's three year span.

But the last game of Gen IV (HG/SS) came out in Sept '09, and Gen V is predicted to come out toward the end of 2010, and if that's the case, we'll have dropped back to a year between generations.

Gen V in general was announced a few weeks ago and I got the news, as I often do, from Bulbanews on January 29th. It's supposed to be a "rebirth" of the series, and they seem to be planning to do their damnedest to go above and beyond the previous games. So I am eager to see what they do with it.

Ichiban KUJI Premium - Genome Figure

So about a week ago, while talking about upcoming Gurren Lagann figures, I mentioned that I had ordered Banpresto's Genome figure. This morning, eight days later, he arrived in all of his glory. What I hadn't realized about this figure is that he is HUGE.

This is him next to my iBook G4, for comparison. The screen comes up to his shoulders. If you'd like another comparison, here he is with Uplark's Nia figure.

Dude is ENORMOUS. But he is also totally amazing to look at. Genome is an enormous, bulky, hairy guy and that is reflected so beautifully in this figure.

Everything about him is so wonderfully defined that I can see a lot of his details from the other side of my crappily lit room. Banpresto went above and beyond here. His chest hair/foot hair is amazing.

They have gone into such detail on him. He's an Ichiban Kuji premium, so I'm not that surprised. But Just got damn. Look at him. Even his BACK is ridiculously defined. (Though I guess if you're going to do it, do it all the way, right?)

Yet another purchase I don't regret in the slightest.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nerd Rage: Pokemon Edition

For those unaware, the 5th generation of pokemon games has been announced, and is supposed to be released in Japan by the end of 2010. It is supposed to be an "inventive rebirth" of the franchise. I am pretty stoked.

On Pokemon Sunday, the first Gen V pokemon was shown in silhouette. It will be revealed in full on the episode of Pokemon Sunday on the 21st.

Then my friend McLovin sent me this:

There's a decent chance it's fake. I mean looking at the silhouette, it really looks like that lump is the end of a ponytail and not an actual tail. IT IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE BUTT. Plus Mclovin is not the most reliable of sources. Plus, it's not that clean of an image and is not colored very well...

But just in case, I AM NERD RAGING ANYWAY. Because I like to be prepared.


It's not as though Lucario didn't have a metric fuck-ton of undeserved attention anyway. =____= Let's just shove more attention on him by giving him a new evolution for Gen V. SURE WHY NOT.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Things That Will One Day Line My Shelves

As I mentioned last time, my friend AnthonyMclovin is a pretty big toy nerd. He has a bad habit of dropping things in my path that I either don't care about or would rather not see. But he also knows what I like, and if he sees something that I'd be interested in, he's always quick to bring it to my attention. Because of this, I tolerate everything else.

This morning he passed the following along to me...

Click here for a slightly larger version of this image.

...and I just about died. He has been listening to me complain for AGES that I wanted someone to make an Anti-Spiral Nia figure. (Not to mention just some older Nia figures in general.) And here she is. I want both of those Nias, since they both look gorgeous.

I'm not that interested in the Yokos (since my interest in Yoko herself is nil) but I'd probably buy them all as a set and just leave her standing around the back of the collection. but Id would display Simon and Kamina reenacting the end of Simon's anti-spiral dream for all time. Because the fact that they've enabled that is FANTASTIC.

He's also told me there's supposed to be a second wave of figures featuring villains and minor characters. My mind instantly jumped to one person -- Adiane the Elegant. If this came to pass, I'd probably die of joy. Adiane is probably my favorite female character in the series (only barely surpassing Nia) and the idea of any merchandise at all of her sets my heart a flutter.

These aren't coming out until May, but preorders are open. As soon as I drop some money in the bank i'm taking a swing at them.

I also just now purchased this handsome fellow for my collection:

I saw this ages ago and never thought I'd have the chance to buy him, but I spotted him on eBay and knew I'd regret it if I didn't jump at the chance. So expect a post featuring his exploits in the future.

There are actually, finally, quite a few Nia figures out these days, and I eventually plan to start gathering them up for my shelves. Though the rest of the cast is still dwarfed by the sheer volume of Yoko available. I shouldn't be surprised since Yoko exists entirely for fan service, but I wish we had more figures of everyone else instead of a couple dozen of her showing off her boobs.

But oh well. No one's making me buy them, so I'll just glare angrily at them in the stores I go to and then come home and enjoy the figures I've bought.

Expect a post about Lagann-hen soon, guys! I need to rewatch it and take notes and screencaps so I can write a decent post! But I have watched it through once and can say that it was SPECTACULAR.