Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Pokemon Gen V News -- New Pokemon!

Two posts in one day? That's right kids. Because we've got BREAKING NEWS.

Three days ago we had a bout of nerd rage when someone posted a fake evolution for Lucario done in the silhouette of the new Gen 5 pokemon. Well today we've gotten the actual image of this pokemon.

Zoroark (left), the "monster fox" pokemon is the silhouette that appeared on Pokemon Sunday. It evolves from Zorua (right), the "evil fox" pokemon. Zoroark is going to be the central figure of the next Pokemon movie.

Both Bulbanews and have info on these new pokemon so, this time, they are totally legit.

I'm still pretty surprised Gen V came around so quickly. We just barely got done with Gen IV. Even going by Japanese releases, it'll be a year-ish? Let's just take a look at the time between generations. (Last game of gen to first game of next gen. Not counting side games.)

Gen I (Sept '98) --> Gen II (Nov '99) - Okay a little over a year. That's not too bad.

Gen II (Dec '00) --> Gen III (Nov '02) - Two years. Getting some time here.

Gen III (Sept '04) --> Gen IV (Sept '06) - Again, two years.
(Dates from Bulbapedia's list of release dates.)

But god, Gen III went on for a full 2 years when the previous 2 only went on for a year. Though Gen III also introduced the remakes, so it would make sense it went on longer. Though it's got nothing on Gen IV's three year span.

But the last game of Gen IV (HG/SS) came out in Sept '09, and Gen V is predicted to come out toward the end of 2010, and if that's the case, we'll have dropped back to a year between generations.

Gen V in general was announced a few weeks ago and I got the news, as I often do, from Bulbanews on January 29th. It's supposed to be a "rebirth" of the series, and they seem to be planning to do their damnedest to go above and beyond the previous games. So I am eager to see what they do with it.

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