Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet "Team Awesome".

Out of the gate, I want to apologize for the bad quality of the photos in this entry. My only camera is my cell phone and it's really not the best one in the world, especially since my living room is poorly lit.

So I hung out with Suri for a while today and he gave me my Christmas gifts early. He gave me the entire first series of the "Warriors" saga by a group of authors collectively known as Erin Hunter. I'm a huge fan of these books and the related comics that Tokyopop is publishing. The box set of books served as a base for most of these pictures!

He also got me an Iron Fist figure and gave me a gundam (lovingly named "Bro-Gundam") that I always play with when I go to his house. I don't think either of us know which series this Gundam is from, but I love this little dude.

I've wanted to get an Iron Fist for a while to take pictures of him with my Yotsuba figure (which Suri gave me around Halloween), and that's most of the reason Suri got him for me. (Though there's also the fact that Danny is one of my favorite Marvel characters.) He's not nearly to proper scale with Yotsuba but I still think it's hilarious and adorable to have the two of them next to each other.

Playing with them all this evening was a lot of fun. Most of my figures are still packed up in my basement from after my move back from college last May, so I haven't had many out or taken any pictures with them in months. And these three, Danny especially, have so much articulation that I could really try a couple different things.

I don't have too many articulated figures. I have nothing against it, it's mostly just because there are so few that I've really wanted. But they make for some really fun pictures when you can mess around with poses and positions and accessories. Danny's got some hand-flames and Bro-Gundam has a small variety of weapons. Yotsuba also has a few accessories, but they're in her box and I didn't pull them out for these picutres.

I'd love a better camera. Hopefully I'll have some money to pick one up eventually so I can take pictures that aren't crazy blurry. They all stand up pretty well though. My mother's moved the coffee table that they're all standing on a few times and no one's fallen.

I'm looking forward to new figures in the future and setting up some amusing scenarios to take pictures of!

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