Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Have Eaten A Lot Of Ramen Lately

So I'm most of the way through my 40 slot Ramenbox. As anticipated, it did not disappoint. I've tried 11 of the 14 kinds of ramen I ordered, and there are only two kinds I wouldnt order again (and they are both basically the same thing). I've divided the varieties in my box up into three categories...

Will Order Again
Pretty straight forward, this is ramen that I loved. Stuff I would eat on a regular basis without hesitation.

Sapporo Ichiban Chowmein -- This was my favorite variety hands down. It has a very different preparation than all of the other varieties, is still simple (and, in my opinion, rather fun) to prepare, and is absolutely delicious. If you've ever had one of Nissin's microwave Chowmein bowls, it is a lot like that, only better. I could, really, roder a whole box of this and be happy.

Indomie Fried Noodles -- These are delicious, and taste similar to Sapporo Ichiban's chowmein, though are prepared in a more traditional style for ramen. But it's a good, sweet ramen.

Paldo Bibim Men -- I regret not buying two or three of this. It was super-spicy but it was sweet and really really good.

Indomie BBQ Chicken -- A good chicken ramen. A whole lot of flavor. If you just want soem standard chicken ramen that's still pretty damn delicious this is a good way to go.

Sapporo Ichiban Beef -- Another pretty standard ramen that just packs in a lot of flavor. I'm a big fan of beef ramens so I got a few of these and I'm already mostly through them.

Might Order Again
This is stuff that I might only order one of next time, or forego ordering again if I see something new I'd like to try. It wasn't bad, and I would gladly eat it again, but I just liked the other stuff better.

Indomie Chicken Curry -- This was good, but curry and curry flavored things are something I can only eat so often without it making me kind of ill.

Mama Pork Ramen -- This was delicious, but it's definitely a "cold weather" ramen, so I might nor order any again until the summer is over.

NongShim Spicy Chicken Ramen -- This is one I've had before, and every now and then I just crave it, but god damn it's really spicy. I'm also not a big fan of dried-and-rehydreated vegetables, and not having the option to not put them in here is kind of a downside for me.

Indomie Spicy Beef -- I just liked the other varieties of beef ramen that I've bought better than this one. My one real problem with Indomie's ramen options are that their seasoning/oil packets are all conected. This makes oil packets kind of hard/gross to open and pour out, especially inc ases when there are three packets connected to each other and not two.

Won't Order Again
There were two varieties that fell into this category. I just didn't like them. I do, however, know people who have really enjoyed them. So maybe it's just my taste.

NongShim Chapghetti and Paldo Jja Jang Men were a little too bitter for my taste. Though I've always been more into sweet-savory varieties like some of the ones mentioned above. Thankfully I only ordered one Paldo Jja Jang Men, but I still have two packages of NongShim Chapghetti, which I'm passing off to Suri and McLovin.

Still left to try I have the Kung Fu Beef ramen, VeWong Peppered Beef ramen, and WuMu Garlic Sesame Oil ramen. I'm really looking forward to these. In the future, I may review these here, as well as other varieties I haven't tried yet.

All-in-all the box has been overwhelmingly great. If you want a great variety of quick and easy ramen-based meals, you really need to browse through's great selection. I can't wait to finish off my first box so I can order another one.

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