Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SoulSilver Is Where It's At, Kids.

It's pokemon time kids.

It seems that regardless of getting it the day it came out and playing obsessively for three days, I've fallen behind everyone else since I had to take a break to go to class. I'm currently training my party up to level 25 (they're at 22 right now) in order to get my fourth gym badge. I have friends who are already fighting the Elite Four for the first time. Hopefully devoting my weekend to pokemon will catch me up.

But guys, this game is just as glorious as I anticipated.

Suri and I preordered. I got SoulSilver because it is the best and I have a massive crush on Lugia (and have since I was little) and Suri got HeartGold because it's required of us to have opposite versions. I kind of expected him to buy both, but I guess not. Either way, I really had to fight him on this because SoulSilver is where all the fun is and Ho-Oh is a jerk. Tru fax.

Pre-ordering came with a spectaaaacular bonus -- Lugia and Ho-Oh figures, depending on which version you bought. The only reason I bothered pre-ordering is because this Lugia figure is SO GLORIOUS.

The Ho-Oh? not quite so much. Lugia is doing this magnificent "rising from he sea" kind of thing. He's got water flying everywhere, dripping off the spines on his back, generally being a total badass. Ho-Oh is in a fairly typical pose for him, with some fire around his butt. Not that impressive. It would be disappointing if it was any other set of legendaries and I thought of them on equal terms, but I've never been that into Ho-Oh so I don't really care.

Playing has been a lot of fun. I've loved having one of my pokemon trailing along behind me at all times. Turning around to talk to them produces ADORABLE results, except in pokemon centers when they just get really lazy.

It's amazing how attached a person can get to some programmed pixels. My quilava (named Rayearth because I am a dork) got angry at me for trying to take an item from it and just kept making angry faces at me every time I talked to it. It was fairly upsetting.

The pokewalker has also been a lot of fun. Simple little battles, item finding... I like earning new routes and connecting with friends. I haven't done a whole lot of it but it's been a pretty good time so far.

For the record, I decided to play as a male trainer.

I could claim it was for the sake of nostalgia, since because I never played Crystal I never played a female trainer in Gen II. But really, it's because I didn't want to play as Strawberry Shortcake.

I don't really like her hat, even if the overalls are adorable. And the male trainer has a black and yellow hat, and that's enough to sell me. Either way, I'm playing as a dude, and I am loving it.

The one thing that I do truly miss is Sinnoh's Underground.

The Underground was my favorite part of Gen IV. I loved this place. It was my favorite thing to do. Item hunting became a passion of mine. It's how I made all of my money. It was my favorite thing about Gen IV and made up for the HORRIBLE FAILURE that is the battle frontier. I wish there was some way to include it in SoulSilver, but i suppose I understand why it wasn't.

So I guess I'll makee another post on the subject once I've played more. Take care, kids.

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